Rooibos Aromatics was started in 1998 by Lalage Worsthorne, who developed a herbal oil supplement for animals which was then known as “Rooibos Anti-itch”.

Since then a range of products have been developed from that one unique recipe, using Rooibos tea, Chamomile flowers and now Moringa leaf infused with various natural oils, all rich in anti-oxidants and healing qualities.

The focus is on helping animals who suffer from itchy skin, naturally, thus doing away with the need for the allopathic cortisone treatment which has detrimental side effects with long-term use.

This tried and tested product which is a delicious infusion of pure, organic rooibos and chamomile has helped thousands of animals from hamsters to horses ease their itches, saving them from a lifetime on cortisone or other medications.

Lalage passed away in 2009. Not wanting this wonderful product to die with her, her daughter Wynter Worsthorne (well-known Animal Communicator) carried on with the making and selling of the Rooibos and Chamomile Oil.

Rooibos Aromatics

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