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    Our Team

    At Le Pawtique, we understand our staff drive and enforce of our vision. Our standards of excellence would crumble and fall if our staff were not as passionate, as driven, and as determined as we are, to meet our own, and our client’s exacting standards.


    Esme - Spa Supervisor

    Esme currently works part-time and oversees the Spa function of the business. She also works as a receptionist at a local vet so is very knowledgeable about pet health and
    well being.

    Zanele - Junior Stylist

    Zanele started at Le Pawtique as an entry level groomer and over the last three years she has improved, enhanced and upgraded her skills to become a fully-fledged technical groomer. See BLOGarticle 

    Mdu - Head Groomer

    After only a short time of working with Le Pawtique, Mduduzi has proven himself in his grooming skills, and particularly in his gentle handling of our furry customers…Read BLOG

    Mac - Junior Groomer

    Mac is our most junior groomer. His love of animals and ambition in wanting to grow and learn has made him an invaluable asset to the Le Pawtique team. Watch this space.....

    Moya - Limo Driver

    Moya is Le Pawtique’s resident limo driver. She’s in charge of our collections. She has the patience of Job as she manages the traffic to collect her precious cargo, and then returns them after their groom, smelling and looking gorgeous

    Ashleigh - Retail Manager

    Ashleigh is our expert food and pet health fundi. She is responsible for the retail space and also supports the spa division ensuring your fury babies come out looking fresh and beautiful.

    Michelle - Dog's Body

    Owner and founder of Le Pawtique, Michelle is the jack of all trade and pretty much gets involved in everything and anything around the shop! Living the dream job!