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    Adaptil Dog Calming Pheromone (DAP) Refill 48ml

    Use ADAPTIL Calm Refill every month to continue to help calm and relax your dog at home, in situations like loud noises, staying alone, visitors and other fearful situations. Lasts 30 Days

    Brings you and your dog closer, by creating a reassuring environment at home. Continuous effect, provides constant comfort for your dog. Adaptil is designed especially for dogs, is odourless, non-sedative and has no effect on people or any other animals.

    • Clinically proven, veterinary used and recommended
    • For best results, carefully follow instructions and precautions on pack insert.
    • Volume: 48ML
    • ADAPTIL Refill requires an ADAPTIL Diffuser.
    • Each Refill lasts up to 30 days. Depending on its environmental surrounds, each Refill may last between 3-5 weeks.
    • It covers an area up to 70 m2.
    • Avoid plugging in the Diffuser under shelves and furniture, or behind doors, curtains and furniture.
    • Use the peel-off sticker on each ADAPTIL Refill vial to remind you when to check and replace the vial.
    • The electric Diffuser plug should be checked monthly and replaced every six months to ensure optimum effect.


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