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    Dog Days

    Dog Days Gecko Sweatshirts Grey


    Dog Days sweatshirts have a nice substantial feel to them and are simultaneously sturdy and soft. We use velvet flannel, which provides comfort and breathability with a nice amount of stretch to it to suit even hard-to-fit pet body styles. Pets will enjoy wearing our sweatshirts both indoors and outside.


    They are a great choice for crisp fall days, cool evenings, or chilly spring days that haven't quite warmed up enough to your dog's liking.


    Our sweatshirts are designed with a high-cut belly to allow your dog or cat to take care of those bathroom duties without soiling their garment. This ensures that your dog can stay warm at all times.


    Washing Info: Rinse, hand wash, drip dry, do not tumble dry/dry clean, do not dry rolled up.


    Sizes available (in cm, not all designs go up to 6XL):

    XS chest 26~34cm, back 18~23cm

    S chest 32~42cm, back 22~27cm

    M chest 40~46cm, back 27~31cm

    L chest 42~50cm, back 32~38cm

    XL chest 48~56cm, back 38~42cm

    XXL chest 56~64cm, back 41~48cm

    3XL chest 64~72cm, back 50~60cm

    4XL chest 72~84cm, back 60~67cm

    5XL chest 78~90cm, back 67~75cm

    6XL chest 84~98cm, back 72~85cm

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