Dog's Life Ganster Faux Bike Jacket

 Only R 385.00

Made of faux leather for all the bold boofs out there!

The new style Dog's Life jack is sleeveless and has a comfortable flap that simply wraps under the tummy and is fastened with extra strong press studs.

Press studs are doubled up throughout garment for extra give and also for those pesky fat days :)  The inner is made of an extra non-scratchy fleece and the outer, a soft velveteen material.

Please note: Any return costs will need to be settled upfront by the customer

Size Chart:
XS - 18-23 cm Length | 18-22 cm Neck | 26-34 cm Body – Miniature Chihuahua. Yorkie, Puppies (less than 1.5KG)
S - 22-27 cm Length | 20-24 cm Neck | 32-42 cm Body – Chihuahua (2KG or less)
M - 27-31 cm Length |24-28 cm Neck |40-46 cm Body – Toy Poodle, Maltese, Pom (4KG or less)
L - 32-38 cm Length | 28-32 cm Neck | 42-50 cm Body – Pekingese, Dachshund (6KG or less)
XL - 38-42 cm Length | 31-35 cm Neck | 48-56 cm Body – Cairn Terrier, Fox Terrier, Pug (8KG or less)
2XL - 41-48 cm Length | 33-39 cm Neck | 54-64 cm Body – Beagle, Boston, French Bulldog (11KG or less)