Rosewood’s Grumpy Cat Toy Range is not just any toy; it’s an officially licensed product based on the Grumpy Cat that became an internet sensation in 2012. Her owners posted a picture of her grumpy face, and she became an internet celebrity all over the world. 

Rosewood’s Grumpy Cat range is made from the best quality materials and textures. This Nasty Mouse will ensure hours of fun and entertainment and is great for interactive play. It is made from plush material and provides multiple levels of fun.  The Grumpy Cat Nasty Mouse is designed to stimulate your cat to get physically active and to get their natural hunting instincts going.

The Nasty Mouse is a crinkly mouse filled with catnip. The catnip inside will stimulate and enhance play-time! Bring out the hunting and pouncing instinct out of a cat! Cats should be supervised at all times whilst playing.


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Grumpy Cat Nasty Mouse

Type: Play