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    Kyron Ultrum Plus Shampoo

    ULTRUM Plus Shampoo is a luxury insecticidal flea & tick shampoo for dogs.

    This shampoo kills fleas & ticks and leaves the coat & fur silky-cleanand sweet-smelling.

    Ultrum Plus Tick and Flea Shampoo is an effective insecticidal shampoo leaving your puppy and dog with a clean, pest-free coat. Ultrum Plus contains evening primrose oil, lanolin, permethrin, esbiothrin, piperonyl butoxide and conditioners for a healthy shine. The permethrin in the formulation is for extended action against infestation and the esbiothrin is for an instant knockdown. This shampoo is not suitable for cats.

    • Wet the coat well with warm water.
    • Apply the shampoo generously and create a good lather.
    • Wash well and rinse with warm water.
    • Repeat the application and leave the shampoo on the coat for 10 minutes.
    • Rinsing with clean water.

    Always dry animals thoroughly after washing and avoid getting shampoo into the eyes. Repeat the application weekly or more frequently if desired.

    • Ultrum Plus shampoo treats and prevents ticks and fleas in dogs.
    • Ultrum Plus leaves the coat and fur silky-clean and sweet-smelling.

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