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Meow More

Meow More Treats Chicken & Liver

Meow More Treats Chicken & Liver

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Treat your cat or kitten to a soft and savoury stick made with real meat for a taste that your cats will love.

Vitamins and minerals are added to promote your cat's overall health and vitality.

Contains no artificial colours or flavours.

Each stick is individually wrapped to ensure maximum freshness.

3 Sticks per pack.

  • Feeding anytime as a treat or snack
  • Kittens (4 months and older) Half a stick to 1 full stick
  • Adult cats 1-2 sticks per day (depending on the size and activity of your cat)
  • Use within a day of opening
  • Always adjust your cat's diet accordingly
  • Ensure that fresh drinking water is always available

Money Back Guarantee

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