Rooibos and Chamomile Shampoo

 Only R 110.00

Ethical, Earth and Animal Friendly, Super Premium Shampoo, Endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and Approved by the Department of Agriculture.

All-Natural. Made by Specialist Pharmaceutical Company with Certified Organic Active Ingredients (Rooibos and Chamomile). Non-Toxic and safe to flush. Biodegradable. Gentle on Skin. Ph7, balanced for Animal Ph levels. Great All-Round Shampoo WITHOUT the harmful chemicals and chemically created scents and perfume. Best of Market. Recommended for animals with sensitive skin, gentle, creating a rich lather.

o Economical Per Wash
o Biodegradable
o Earth Friendly
o Animal Friendly
o All-Natural, not chemical based
o Not Perfumed (has natural Rooibos Scent / Aroma)
o Recommended by leading Dog Groomers, Show Quality
o Super Premium Quality
o Ingredients listed on label
o Established 1998

▪ Presentation: Clear recyclable plastic bottle, with drip free, “clip-close” lid.