Rooibos Original Wheat-Free Training Treats

 Only R 50.00

Wholewheat All-Natural treat, with certified organic Rooibos and Chamomile, high
in antioxidants, made with badger friendly honey and free-range eggs, and small
batch hand baked to human grade quality. Endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty and Approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Great for training puppies and dogs, with small bite-size crunchy biscuits, or great for dogs wanting lots of attention with a smaller, higher frequency treat.

o Delicious, Nutritious and Healthy.
o Feeding Guideline on Pack
o All ingredients listed on Pack
o Guaranteed Analysis on Pack
o High Quality Ingredients
o Premium Grade
o Preservative Free
o No Additives
o Established 1998

▪ Presentation: Recycled Cardboard box with zip-loc recyclable plastic to
ensure freshness