Rooibos Wheat-Free Moringa Treats


Wheat-Free All-Natural treat, with certified Moringa, Rooibos and Chamomile,
high in protein, iron, manganese, zinc, calcium, vitamins (A,C,E) and potassium.
Made with badger friendly honey and free-range eggs, small batch hand baked to
human grade quality.

Endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty and Approved by the Department of Agriculture.

o Delicious, Nutritious and Healthy.
o Feeding Guideline on Pack
o All ingredients listed on Pack
o Guaranteed Analysis on Pack
o High Quality Ingredients
o Super Premium Grade
o Preservative Free
o No Additives
o Established 1998

▪ Presentation: Recycled Cardboard box with zip-loc recyclable plastic to
ensure freshness

Type: Food