Sheba Chicken Breast in Gravy Cat Food

 Only R 18.00

Made from high quality ingredients, and fish from environmentally responsible sources

A delicious treat to be added to your cat's daily balanced meal

  • Sheba only uses wild, or farm caught fish from environmentally responsible sources
  • Grain, Corn and Wheat free
  • Made from high quality ingredients
  • Available in 3 mouthwatering flavours
  • Cats aren’t big drinkers, and these recipes are a great way to add moisture to their diets
  • Aluminium can is recyclable


Succulent Chicken Breast in Gravy - Chicken (min 40%), thickening agents*. *May contain GMO.


Crude protein 90g (min), moisture 900g (max), crude fat 2g (min), crude fibres 5g (max), crude ash 30g (max)


Recommended to feed as a treat with other complete & balanced food to meet your cat’s nutritional needs

Cats 1 - 5kg (¼ to ½ can per day)

Cats 5.1 - 10kg (½ to 1 can per day)


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