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    Le Pawtique - Our Dog and Cat Spa Menu

    Le Pawtique - Our Dog and Cat Spa Menu

    Whether your pet needs a full luxurious groom, a bath or just a nail trim we offer a full range of treatments, the quality and care of your pet's is our first priority so that our furry guests visit and return again soon.

    It’s a given that we take every measure to ensure your pets get the best possible care with passionate and professional staff, a tranquil and optimum environment and only the the best products & equipment.

    We use top notch products such as Bio-Groom – Bio-Groom is the name of premium grooming products made with the finest ingredients available known for gentleness and performance. It's the number 1 choice for groomers in the USA. We also use Biogance, Tropiclean and the Furminator for de-shedding.

    Le Pawtique offers nothing less than deluxe, therefore every dog, cat, bunny, hamster that enters our oasis of animal bliss is treated to the Deluxe Spa Wash Treatment – this includes

    Premium shampoo/wash
    Coat conditioning treatment
    Pamper massage
    Tidy up (Trimming of face, feet, belly, bottom)
    Ears cleaned with medicated ear cleanser and powder
    Pawdicure (cutting of nails if this needs to be done)
    Eau de toilette spritzer – male and female flavour of the month
    As added extras and tailored to each individual pet we offer;

    Style Cuts

    • Tidy up (Trimming of face, feet, belly, bottom)
    • Popular low maintenance cut
    • Professional style clip tailored to suit individual pooch
    • Specialized all over hand scissor

    For smelly and irritated skin, hot spots and dogs with aches and pains. Our expertly trained staff will dedicate the time taken to properly massage this amazingly natural, therapeutic and medicinal product into your dog’s coat and skin.

    To find out more CLICK HERE

    Natural Tear Stain Remover Facial Scrub
    Natural Tear Stain Remover Facial Scrub infused with oatmeal and blueberry soothes and balances the skin. It is gentle yet concentrated with an exfoliation component that removes dirt and tear stains that will not irritate the eyes. In fact…. this product is so decadent you won’t be able to stop kissing your pooch!

    Cost: R15

    Feather Hair Extensions

    Feather Hair Extensions – we are sure you are all familiar with the bright, solid, striped feather fashion statements that are attached to a small piece of hair… Le Pawtique now brings you the pooch equivalent… works much the same way as a traditional bow but it’s a feather finish that requires no elastic and should last for at least 6 weeks.

    Prices start from: R50


    We don't recommend shaving thick double coated breeds or cats for that matter unless it is necessary. i.e. health, matts (knots), on-going pest issues and this is the reason we offer a
    de-shedding program, to get of all that thick unwanted undercoat.

    This is also a very popular treatment for your short coated breeds that are prone to shedding eg: Jack Russell’s, Pugs, Labradors, Bull Terriers, Bull Dogs

    In order to do this we use, first and foremost a Furminator, the best invention for de-shedding. We also use Les Pooch brushes, rakes, combs and your standard slicker brush plus Biogroom tangle remover and conditioner. The biggest component here is time. It takes time to brush out all that thick undercoat especially in the change of seasons.

    Sometimes the hair brushed out is equal to the size of the animals we are grooming. A MUST for Huskies, Chows, Golden Retrievers, Malamutes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Saint Bernard’s, Rough Collies etc..

    R55 p/15 minutes