Orijen and ACANA are produced by the same company, Champion Petfoods, and the core philosophy of a biologically appropriate and holistic diet (only ingredients that your feline or canine companion has evolved to eat are included) and the use of high-quality; fresh; and protein-rich ingredients applies.

However Orijen pet food is significantly higher in meat protein (between 38% and 42%) and all formulas are 100% grain free. Orijen is widely considered to be the best pet food worldwide due to the low carbohydrate to high protein ratio and the outstanding (human-grade) quality of the ingredients used. The density of the nutrients in Orijen pet food means that you will feed less than most commercial pet foods.

Orijen contains animal protein; botanicals; vitamins and minerals that are carefully selected for balanced nutrition and optimum health. Orijen receives the highest rating of 6 stars on dogfoodanalysis.com.


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