All payments are to be made at the time of personally collecting your dog or before treatment commences if the pet is collected by client

Collection and Mobile payments to be made via EFT. Please honour our 24-hour payment term

We accept cash and debit/credit card and EFT’s for your convenience. No cheques unfortunately.


Prices given over phone are based on parent’s judgement. 

Le Pawtique reserves the right to change in accordance if condition/or size of pet requires more work than anticipated. 

We would preferably like to see the condition of the pet before quoting if it is a first time pet or matted, so there are no hidden surprises for the client

Prices are subject to annual changes.

Hours of Operation

We generally groom pets five days a week from 8am to 4:30pm (spa). Saturdays from 8am to 4:30pm. Selective public holidays are open (please call to confirm) and we are closed  fpr grooming on Sundays.

Last appointments of the day must begin no later than 3pm depending on the breed and condition. All dogs coming in for just grooming must be picked up no later than 5pm otherwise an additional charge will apply.

If your pet/s are not picked up after closing time, we reserve the right to charge R250 p/ 30 minutes of staying open.

Booking Reservations

You are encouraged to book your service in advance. 24 hours notice must be given before cancelling an appointment, failing which we will have to charge for the 50% of the price.


For severally matted dogs/cats, we will have to insist on a complete short strip due to knots forming close to the skin. 

This is for the wellbeing of the animal and at Le Pawtique this is a non-negotiable on the measure that has to be taken in this event    

Collection Service

Please assist our driver by ensuring dog/s are ready and waiting to be loaded on arrival. Your dog must please wear a fitted collar and lead or alternatively we will use our own. 

Cats must be transported in a secure carrier for their safety

The driver will wait up to 10 minutes for collection. Should there be a delay over the 10 minutes a surcharge will be incurred, and the vehicle will continue to the next collection.

Customer to advise of any issues with intercom / access

Unfortunately we don’t collect or deliver on Saturdays.

Mobile Services

Le Pawtique does not use a fully equipped mobile van, instead relevant equipment is set up inside the client’s premises. Access to warm water is required and a safe power supply.

It is the responsibility of Le Pawtique to clean up all excess hair post groom.

Customer to advise of any issues with intercom / access