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    Earthborn Holistic

    Earthborn Holistic

    Earthborn Holistic pet food contains carefully selected and natural ingredients to ensure that your pet receives the nutrition she needs to maintain optimum health. High levels of animal protein support lean muscle mass and sustained energy levels, fruits and vegetables such as peas; apples; blueberries; carrots; spinach; and cranberries add dietary fibre and antioxidants for overall digestive and immune system health.

    Vitamins; minerals and probiotics are included in optimum amounts to ensure that Earthborn Holistic is a 100% balanced and complete meal that requires no supplementation. The Earthborn Holistic range includes grain-free formulas which are recommended for dogs and cats with digestive issues; diabetes; allergies; or weight issues.

    The high amount of protein also makes Earthborn Holistic pet food highly palatable, which will entice picky eaters. Earthborn Holistic contains no artificial coloring; flavoring; or preservatives.

    Paleopet Pure 

    Earthborn Holistic Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Natural Dog Food from R 370.00
    Earthborn Holistic Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Dog Food from R 370.00