Our Philosophy

Le Pawtique’s strength is built on a personal and tailored service to our immediate community. We are a one-branch, owner-managed, hands-on, knowledge and skill rich, animal obsessed hub of love! 

Our grooming model is built on a Quality over Quantity business foundation. We allocate on average 1:15 hours to each animal so time pressure is not a stressor, ensuring our grooming stylists are limited to 5-6 furry clients a day.

There is a lot that goes on ‘backstage’ so please have a saunter through these next few pages and see what is put into place to safeguard our standards and ensure your beloved family members get our guaranteed 5-Star Treatment.
We cater to all cat and dog breeds, temperaments, life stages and the physically disabled.

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Dedicated Professionals

Unless training a particular staff member, all grooming technicians groom their clients from start to finish, they hold the highest level of responsibility and care for that furball for the full duration of the groom – we don’t have allocated production style washer or dryer roles . If a person holds that function, it is in the interest of them being up-skilled to a fully-fledged stylist. In most instances, our furry clients are allocated their same stylist to maintain a long-term relationship of familiarity and trust.

Training is on-going, we’re always striving to learn new ways of styling, finishing and handling techniques.

Equipment is top notch, regularly serviced and products are all-natural and cater to each breed and condition.

Our Appointment Schedule

We run our spa just as any human beauty salon would, with each pet being scheduled in for a specific time slot so that minimal time is spent in the cages, thus minimising disruption and unsettling of any of our other furry guests.
We allocate an average of 1.15 hour to each client. We don't overbook or have an excess of clients on standby. 

Like anyone's time, our is equally valuable and we appreciate aligned custodians. In exchange we'll devote all that is possible in our love, energy and effort, backed up by our 100% guarantee.
Please note, a charge of 50% of the grooming bill is levied if we are not advised of any changes or cancellations 24 hours prior to your appointment.

100% Guarantee

Our Brand Promise to you, our valued customer:

We don't throw around '5-Star Pet Spa' flippantly. From the moment we take responsibility of your beloved Furchild, it's all systems go to ensure your dogs and cats get the best possible treatment during their stay with us. 

Our promise to you is simple - if you are not satisfied with your pet's grooming experience, we will give you a full refund!