ACANA pet food is a holistic; super premium; meat-protein based dry dog and cat food, formulated especially to meet your canine or feline’s unique dietary requirements. ACANA contains only the highest quality ingredients, which are delivered fresh every day to ensure that they retain their nutrients.

ACANA offers a wide range of formulas, including low-carbohydrate formulas for weight issues and diabetes, as well as single-protein-source and grain-free formulas for dogs with skin conditions and allergies. ACANA is biologically appropriate – containing only ingredients that your canine and feline companions have evolved to eat naturally, providing complete and balanced nutrition for optimal health -  ACANA cat food formulas are 100% grain free as cats are obligate carnivores and are not adapted to eat grains whatsoever.  

The ACANA formulas contain protein levels from 32% to 35% and are nutrient-dense, meaning that your pets will need to eat less ACANA than most commercial pet food. ACANA receives a rating of between 4 and 5 stars on


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