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    Paleopet Pure

    Paleopet Pure Raw Dog Food

    Dogs are perfectly adapted to thrive on protein found in raw meat; bones; and offal as well as a small portion of fresh fruits; vegetables; and botanicals as they are primarily scavenging carnivores. This biologically appropriate approach to feeding your canine companion is the best way to ensure that your dog receives optimum nutrition - the way that nature intended.

    Commercial dog food was only recently introduced into the domestic dog’s diet and forgoes evolutionary feeding principles for convenience. Commercial kibble may contain harmful additives such as preservatives and flavourants, and many beneficial nutrients are lost in the cooking process.  Veterinarians are seeing an enormous increase in canine degenerative diseases and cancer, indicating that our domestic dogs on the whole are certainly not in optimum health. Studies show that feeding a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet not only makes canines thrive, but can also treat and manage diseases such as pancreatitis; epilepsy, and diabetes (which is commonly caused by food with a high carbohydrate content), or even eliminate them completely. Dogs fed a raw diet also live, on average, three years longer than dogs fed commercial food.

    Paleopet Pure raw dog food is scientifically formulated and balanced to ensure your canine companion receives an ideal ratio of at least 70% pure raw muscle; offal; and minced bone, 15% raw fruits and vegetables, and 0% carbohydrates. Raw, Lean Meat and Meaty Bones are converted into the bulk of your dog’s energy, containing water; superior quality protein; calcium; phosphorous; fats; fatty acids; vitamins; minerals; anti-oxidants, nutraceuticals and enzymes, while Raw Offal,such as Minced heart; kidney; liver; and other organs,  are a vital source of water; elemental protein; essential fatty acids; minerals; vitamins; and enzymes that support valuable nutraceutical, anti-aging and anti-degeneration processes in the body. Pulp from liquidised Fresh, Seasonal, Raw Vegetables, Herbs & Fruit contain life supporting soluble and insoluble fibre; small amounts of starch and simple sugars; health giving enzymes; phytochemicals; anti-oxidants; nutraceuticals; vitamins; minerals; and essential fatty acids. Finally, Spirulina; Kelp; Omega 3; and Olive Oil are added. Spirulina and Kelp contain many trace minerals that promote normal metabolic function; amino acids; and phyto-nutrients. The Omega 3 Oil (fish oil) used is of the highest quality, and is vital to ensure a healthy nervous system and healthy bone and cell membranes. Omega 3 also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Cold-pressed Olive Oil contains Vitamin E and is a pure source of energy.

    Paleopet Pure raw dog food contains 100% grain fed; hormone-free and human-grade ingredients that are locally sourced;organic; and free range wherever possible.



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