Allergies, Fussy Eater or Weight Sensitive? What Dog Food is Best?

Can you associate with one, maybe two or even all of the above?

Champion Pet Foods in Canada has recently launched their Acana Singles range. The world’s first and only *Biologically Appropriate and Limited Ingredient Dog Foods.

The two flavours available in South Africa are ACANA DUCK & BARTLETT PEAR and ACANA LAMB & OKANAGAN APPLE.

Both formulas are grain-free and loaded with 50% single source FRESH cage-free Duck and 50% single source FRESH ranch raised New Zealand Lamb delivered in nutritious raw proportions of *WholePrey™ meat, liver, tripe and cartilage. Acana supplies whole food so there is no need to add in synthetic substitutes, which most commercial food does. All ingredients including fruit, vegetables and botanicals are delivered FRESH (never preserved or exposed to heat) and a rich source of soluble fiber is included for healthy digestion and firm stool.

Weight Sensitive

Due to the absence of grain this food is perfect for weight loss and maintenance. Also great for your breeds requiring hip and joint support due to high levels of Glucosamine and Chrondrotin.

Selective Eaters

The inclusions of the freeze-dried lamb and duck liver increases palatability dramatically – great for selective and fussy eaters.


Allergies are caused by a number of factors, the most common being environmental, flea allergy dermatitis and lastly, food.

However, if you are attempting to rule out the food component, your best bet is to switch to a hypoallergenic food.

Without the fancy marketing and hypoallergenic label - what is a hypoallergenic diet?

  • Limited Ingredients:If you can reduce this to one ingredient then it is easier to identify the allergen that your dog is allergic to vs a formula with five different meat sources.
  • Unique Ingredients:Ingredients that your dog may not have been exposed to before and not built up resistance eg: Chicken is a common allergen as it is found in most dog food.
  • Hypoallergenic Recipes:Recipes that exclude ingredients that are most likely to cause allergic reaction. Such as Beef, Dairy, Chicken, Lamb, Fish, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Yeast.
  • Grain-free:Dogs and cats (carnivores) cannot break down grain properly, especially corn and wheat which are very difficult to digest

Please note: These two great formulas can also be given to puppies – they are all-life stage and are great for food sensitive puppies




My Odin, has been a very fussy eater... When I first started him on Acana, I tried the duck, then moved to chicken, and finally lamb, which he seems to love. He will eat nothing else. A happy Odin equals a happy me. Thank you Acana... "

*WholePrey™ mirrors Mother Nature’s diet of a dog and cat by incorporating exact natural ratios of nutritious meat, cartilage, marrow and organs.

In the wild dogs and wolves flourish on fowl, fish or game which contains nutrient rich vitamins and minerals, muscle meat for protein and fat intake and bones for calcium and phosphorus needed for overall body nourishment.

Compared to today’s ‘scientifically formulated’ foods which are carbohydrate based, contain reduced meat and that are highly loaded with processed grains and plant protein, therefore high amounts of synthetic amino acids, vitamins and minerals is required to replace what is missing. Read the labels yourself.

*Biologically Appropriate™: In a nutshell, dogs and cat are hunters. The structure of their jaws, teeth and digestive system are designed to classify them as carnivores and are evolved to function on a meat based diet. Completely different to conventional pet food, Biologically Appropriate food is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates and contains unmated variety of poultry, meat and fish that are fresh, preservative free and busting with goodness that nourishes and develops.

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