About Us - Eats, Treats, Wearing and Caring for your Pets!

What is Le Pawtique in a nutshell?  We colourfully celebrate the privilege of pet ownership in a smile inducing, heart expanding, soul enriching kinda way, which infiltrates in everything we do

Our professional, exclusive spa is a testament to the love and passion we feel for your  animals. Click
here for more info.

Mixed  into our pooch and kitty philosophy is a select range of products available at the click of a mouse.


Your dogs are what they eat! So ensure  your furballs are on a well-balanced, highly nutritious and meat based diet - we stock a wide range of acclaimed Kibble, Frozen Food and BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)

Ok… so every now and again you’re allowed  to cheat, but just make sure the majority of intake is balanced and meat based. Rewarding and stimulating your pets with healthy and organic biscuits and meat treats is what we strive for. We also provide  safe, interactive, plush and  robust toys, but don't forget to exercise and socialize your best friend


Your pets street cred is always our top priority when we search the globe for products. We stock a range of unique, stylish yet comfortable and safe accessories that are sure to get a few barks at the park. .


Our professional, exclusive spa operates on  the love and passion we feel for your animals. See here for more info. Our range of supplements and remedies are all natural, and are of the highest quality with proven results. The grooming products on our shelves are all tested and endorsed in our spa. Shampoos are  parabon and soap free and, believe it or not, decadent enough for you to use on yourself!