Our Puppy Induction Program

A pup’s first groom is extremely important, if not the most important groom of its life and we take this very seriously!

The moment your pup is unclasped from your hands, it’s a pretty scary first experience. We 100% can relate and it’s our greatest mission to reduce the jitters and exhude love and a sense of safety and care.

First, the little pup must acclimatize to our space and be at ease, only then do we introduce the increasing stimulation of dryers, clippers and scissors, gradually. We undertake a series of tactics of introducing these new stimuli, little by little by towel drying, dry shampooing, cup and water method, embracing and holding by our heart for the duration of the groom.
In order to facilitate this process, benefit from our puppy rates up until 6 months 

Special Needs: The Elderly, Handicapped and more Anxious

Like with our puppies, we honour and respect the special needs of the elderly. In addition, any health ailments relating to blindness, deafness, predispositions to epilepsy, post op delicacy and other health conditions* . As long as we are advised of any issues upfront we can be better equipped to handle most situations. Help and assistance is always on hand and generous where required.

Our furry clients are matched to the same stylist so that trust and familiarity can be maintained especially for the more disoriented where sight or hearing is impaired. We adopt the same approach as some puppies of wrapping our sensitive ones with a towel or holding while being groomed, so there is a sense of calm and security in the gentle yet consistent pressure much like a thunder jacket during fireworks/ storms.

Medicated Baths

Unfortunately problematic skin is becoming more and more prevalent due to diets, the environment, chemicals etc… We offer a medicated bath treatment for veterinary prescribed conditions and hot spots

Please speak to one of our managers regarding a treatment schedule

*Please note we are not in any way operating in a veterinary capacity and if we feel we are not equipped to handle a situation we will exercise caution in this regard to a related condition and/or behavioural situation and will refer you to our chosen practice

Our Cat Biography

Cats are extremely meticulous animals when it comes to preening and cleaning themselves but sometimes, they need a little help from us to wash away grimy dirt or shave away excess matts.

At Le Pawtique we groom cats au de natural ie. we donot administer any form of chemical sedation or anaesthetic sedation. Instead we use Feliway to calm and reduce anxiety. This is a feline facial pheromone analogue and acts as a man-made substance a cat would use to mark his/ her territory. 

We offer wet and dry shampoo washes depending on the temperament of the cat. A vital part of cat grooming is brushing / de-shedding, which is the process of using a range of different tools to brush / comb out the coat. This not only removes excess dead hair and dirt but it stimulates blood circulation and promotes a healthy coat.

Hair Hair Everywhere!

We offer a de-shedding program in which we undertake the task of brushing out excess hair. Deshedding increments of 15 minutes are offered to brush out the hair that is synonymous for getting all over your house and furniture. This treatment is popular for long and short haired cats.

Shaving is required for cats who are unable to groom themselves or have not been brushed for a while and their coat has become matted. We don’t really recommend shaving a cat as their coat is designed to act as a thermostat in both cold and hot weather, protecting against sunburn and the cold as well as against environmental pests and agitators, which can cause latent skin issues.

To Shave or Not to Shave

When it comes to shaving, the most acute precision is required due to this very delicate process of working with paper thin skin and a very agile animal. This is particularly difficult when a cat is severely matted and deciphering between coat and skin becomes tricky. Only very experienced groomers undertake this procedure and we normally allocate between 1.5 hours to as much as 3 hours.

A cat’s skin is like cling film; it is extremely thin and one small nick can cause the area affected to split. Therefore, if we do find your cat puts up a huge amount of resistance and becomes a danger to themselves and/or the grooming stylist we reserve the right to stop the treatment and refer you to a vet operated establishment where sedation can be administered.

We also recommend getting your cat treated by us as soon as possible to reduce the matting and to avoid the above.

Our Appointment Schedule

We run our spa just as any human beauty salon would, with each pet being scheduled in for a specific time slot so that minimal time is spent in the cages, thus minimising disruption and unsettling of any of our other furry guests.

We allocate an average of 1.15 hour to each client. We don't overbook or have an excess of clients on standby. Like anyone's time, our is equally valuable and we appreciate aligned custodians. In exchange we'll devote all that is possible in our love, energy and effort, backed up by our 100% guarantee.

Please note, a charge of 50% of the grooming bill is levied if we are not advised of any changes or cancellations 24 hours prior to your appointment.

100% Guarantee

Our Brand Promise to you, our valued customer:

We don't throw around '5-Star Pet Spa' flippantly. From the moment we take responsibility of your beloved Furchild, it's all systems go to ensure your dogs and cats get the best possible treatment during their stay with us. 

Our promise to you is simple - if you are not satisfied with your pet's grooming experience, we will give you a full refund!