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Field and Forest

Field and Forest Adult Wet Food Succulent Lamb

Field and Forest Adult Wet Food Succulent Lamb

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Field & Forest Adult Wet Food 227g Tub offers a grain free, Protein Centric Diet™ for dogs. Expertly prepared for irresistible flavour and Optimum Biosuitability™, using only the finest nutrient rich meats, wholesome fruits and vegetables and the highest quality vitamins.

Lamb provides a highly digestible source of protein and essential amino acids that nourish your dog’s muscles. | Whole chickpeas and sliced apple are high in dietary fibre and protein, as well as rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps promote a healthy digestive system. Ground peppermint stimulates the stomach and freshens breath for oral care.

Water, lamb (26%), whole egg, whole chickpeas (4%), pea protein, sliced green beans, diced carrot, apple, tapioca starch, dextrose monohydrate, guar gum, ground peppermint, sunflower oil and tuna oil.


Nutritional: Potassium chloride 1.6 g, choline chloride 1.2 g; sodium chloride 1.1 g, Vitamin A 6045 IU, Vitamin D3 124 IU, Vitamin E 9.3 IU, thiamine 18.6 mg, niacin 9.3 mg, zinc 6.97 mg, pantothenic acid 1.86 mg, riboflavin 1.5 mg, manganese 1.4 mg, pyridoxine 0.74 mg, folic acid 0.37 mg, iodine 0.28 mg, biotin 0.093 mg and Vitamin B12 0.037 mg. Sensory: Caramel colourant. 

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