Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dry Cat Food is purrfectly suitable for adult cats between the ages of one and seven years old. It offers balanced nutrition to support your adult cat’s daily antics while giving her a delicious kibble packed with lean proteins, antioxidants and enhanced omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a complete diet for healthy, active adult cats.

Why Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dry Cat food?

Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dry Cat food is a top quality cat kibble that has been scientifically formulated to meet your cat’s daily dietary requirements during her adult years (age one to seven years old). It supports immunity, healthy digestion and your cat’s lean muscles, which help her to move agilely both indoors and out; living her best kitty life. Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dry Cat food offers balanced nutrition for optimal fitness for the adult phase of her life, and it contains antioxidants, enhanced omega-3 fatty acids, and lean proteins.

Which breeds will benefit most from this food?

Adult cats in the one to six year old age range, who have a moderately active lifestyle and love their playtime, tree climbing, and high-energy antics.

What are the nutrients in Hill’s Science Plan Adult Dry Cat Food?

  • Antioxidants to support the immune system
  • Balanced nutrients
  • Taurine to support normal cardiac functions and retinal structure
  • A perfectly measured amount of phosphorus supports healthy kidney function
  • A total of 56% poultry, of which 36% is chicken.

Check the ingredients tab for the complete list of ingredients in this Hill’s Science Plan food.

Ask your vet about

  • recommended daily feeding amounts
  • recommended feeding intervals
  • recommended nutritional supplements for your cat’s specific condition
  • recommended age at which to introduce your adult cat to mature adult food
  • Has a unique composition of antioxidants that support the immune system
  • Ensures that your kitty has a healthy skin and coat.
  • Has a balance of nutrients and fabulous taste.
  • Has clinically proven antioxidants for a healthy immune system.
  • Supports a gentle and healthy digestion.
  • Sustains healthy vital organs with balanced mineral levels.
  • Hill’s Science Plan Adult Chicken Cat is made with high-quality ingredients for great taste and is 100% guaranteed. It contains 56% poultry in total, of which 36% is chicken.

Money Back Guarantee

Hills Feline Adult Chicken Cat Food


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