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Kyron Shoo Fly Ointment

Kyron Shoo Fly Ointment

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Kyron’s Shoo-Fly® Range

Because animals cannot fend off flies like humans do, they need all the help they can get. SHOO-FLY ® Ointment FOR DOGS ONLYA fly repellent in an ointment base formulated against biting flies. It also contains a sunscreento protect delicate skin and ear-tips from damage by the sun. The ointment is in the form of a cosmetic base, which is easy to apply, and does not leave a tacky residue on the ears. Available in a 50g tube.

  • SHOO-FLY ® products:
  • Prevent flies from infecting your animal with various diseases;
  • Stop flies from being a nuisance to your animal and yourself
  • Repels flies, ticks, fleas, midges and mosquitoes

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