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Mango Fountain Pet Water Feeder

Mango Fountain Pet Water Feeder

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The Mango MF-888 Pet Water Fountain gives your pet 1.5L of fresh moving drinking water, with the help of a replaceable carbon filter. Free flowing water entices your pet to drink more, aiding in keeping them healthier through adequate hydration. 
The Pet Water Fountain Feeder: 
·         Encourages Pets to drink more water.
·         Newly designed mute power head for super silent operation.
·         Aids in promoting pet health through continued hydration.
·         Provides fresher, better tasting, filtered water running at 250L/hr movement. 
·         Waterfall design with optional LED light operation.
·         Low energy consumption. 
·         Low voltage power supply, safe and reliable.12V Transformer.
·         Depending on the water hardness, the filter should be replaced every 30 days.
The carbon filter cartridge is produced with high quality filter wool and filled with activated carbon to remover odours and soften and purify water. The cartridge itself is made with a side plastic liner to form housing space for the nitrifying bacteria. 
Usage and Replacement Instructions:
·         Unplug the fountain from the electrical power source
·         Remove old filter cartridge
·         Clean new filter cartridge by running it under running water for a few minutes. 
·         Insert new carbon cartridge as instructed on product packaging.
·         Replacement every 4-6 weeks depending on the hardness of the water in the area in which you live. 

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