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    Montego Classic Adult Dog Food


    The Montego Classic Adult Dog Food, made with real meat for bioavailability and optimal nutrient absorption, is a complete and balanced, enticingly delicious and highly digestible nutrition for dogs

    • 26.5% Protein for strong bones: Builds muscles and promotes healthy growth for ideal body condition and all-round performance.
    • Omega 6 & 3 for healthy skin & coat: Balanced Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids may help nourish skin – promoting healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat!
    • 10% fat for full flavour: Added fat not only gives Montego Classic its shine, but also makes it absolutely irresistible!
    • 2% Calcium for clean, strong teeth: The added Calcium in our crunchy kibbles helps clean their teeth with every bite to support oral health.
    • Highly digestible carbohydrates for all-day energy: Maize and rice release energy steadily throughout the day, providing the stamina and vitality adult dogs need to enjoy their day to the fullest.
    • Antioxidants & vitamins for immune support: Contains antioxidants and vitamins that dogs need to help boost their immune systems – keeping them healthy and strong!

    Cereals (min4% rice), meat & animal derivatives (included ostrich), cereal derivatives, fats & oils, natural flavouring agents, vitamins & minerals with approved antioxidants.



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