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Nandi Pet Treats

Nandi Bushveld Venison Jerky Strips

Nandi Bushveld Venison Jerky Strips

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Nandi Jerky Strips are lovingly made in Nandi's world-class kitchen. Prepared using all-natural ingredients, Jerky Strips are guaranteed to contain more than 50% meat. Only use pure meat trimmings – no mechanically separated or deboned meat, and no meat derivatives.

Each delicious Jerky Strip is slow dried and smoked with real hard woods. Nandi Jerky Strips are grain-free and only natural preservatives sre used like rosemary extract and rooibos. No chemical preservatives or unnatural fillers are used.

Nandi Jerky Strips are ideal Anytime Snacks – you can give them to your pet whenever you want to reward or spoil them with something healthy and delicious.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No grains, gluten or fillers
  • High protein – low fat
  • Rooibos infused (natural antioxidant)

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