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    Dr Eckersley

    Nutricalm Calming Capsules


    Gary Eckersely NUTRICALM capsules

    The natural remedy for nervous and anxious dogs & cats.

    Nutricalm is highly effective for the following:

    - mild shock

    - anxiety (including seperation anxiety)

    - sleeplessness

    - sound phobias such as fear of fireworks and thunderstorms

    - car and air travel

    - eating disorders

    - general nervousness

    - senility and behaviour disorders

    - can also be used as a natural painkiller.

    Nutricalm is an essential amino acid blend

    Each 500mg capsule contains

    -200mg L-Tryptophan

    -275mg Potato Starch

    -20mg Magnesium Carbonate Light

    -5mg Magnesium Stearate


    Available for purchase in:

    Single capsules - for once off episodes such as traveling or moving house. 

    Bottle of 100 capsules - for chronic use. 


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