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    Pets Elite

    Pets Elite Dry Sausage

    Dry sausage especially formulated for dogs -- no added spices and extra dry to create a hard, chewy treat.

    Pets Elite is the healthy and natural alternative to keeping your best friend happy, healthy and thriving. 

    The Pets Elite range is produced in Cape Town using only the best quality and natural ingredients. At Pets Elite we strive to constantly extend our product range by developing unique and innovative treats -- always making your pet's well-being our top priorty. 

    • all natural animal-derived raw products

    • to keep your pet healthy

    • naturally flavourful

    • grain - & wheat-free

    • great as a reward during training

    • extensive range suitable for any breed (from small to large)

    • healthier than carbo-loaded dog biscuits

    • chewy treats/bones are great for dental health

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