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Petstages Orka Jack Chew Toy

Petstages Orka Jack Chew Toy

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The Petstages Orka Jack Dog Toy doubles as chew toy and a treat dispenser, making it a favourite of our furry friends.

Made from durable materials, the Orka Jack satisfies dogs' urges to keeping them happy and occupied for hours!

Stuff with treats: the Orka Jack treat stuffing dog toy has multiple treat pockets to fill with snacks while your dog plays keeping them occupied and satisfied.

Textures for teeth: nubs, ridges and elevated shapes on this Orka Jack stimulate your dog's senses during play and help to clean teeth while they chew.

One size fun: The Orka Jack is great for dogs of all sizes. Fill with treats or toss on the floor and WATCH as your dog engages and plays with the unpredictable bouncing and wobbling of this dog toy.

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