Traditionally baked with added honey and yogurt for their nutritious, digestive, and soothing properties. These biscuits also include Chamomile and Passion Flower to help with a blissful good night’s sleep. Conveniently packed in a 350g carton of biscuits and safe to use for ALL Dogs.

No artificial flavourants, no colourants and no preservatives.

Oven Baked and Proudly South African.



Wheat & Whole Wheat Flour, Animal Derivatives (min 4% beef liver), Digestive Bran, Plant Fats, Blackstrap Molasses, Dehydrated Carrots (4%), Dehydrated Alfalfa (1%), Ground Nettles (1%), Ground Turmeric (0.5%), Vitamins, Minerals and Approved Antioxidants.


Nutritional Analysis per Kilogram of Biscuits:

Crude Protein 220 g (min)

Moisture 100 g (max)

Crude Fat 100 g (min)

Crude Fibre 65 g (max)

Ash 60 g (max)

Vitamin A 6000 iu

Vitamin B 1.4 mg

Vitamin C 50 mg

Vitamin E 69 iu

Calcium 10 g (max)

Magnesium 0.5 g

Phosphorous 8 g (min)

Zinc 30 mg

Iron 60 mg

Selenium 0.5 mg

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Pro Bono Bedtime Dog Biscuit Treats


Type: Food