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Pro Bono

Pro Bono Iced Dog Biscuit Treats

Pro Bono Iced Dog Biscuit Treats

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Pro Bono Iced Biscuit Treats are nutritious crunchy treats with a flavourful, iced top layer, and now packed in a convenient 1kg box. These treats look and taste as good as chocolate, but do not contain ANY ingredients which could be harmful to dogs. Contains NO THEOBROMINE. Safe to use for ALL Dogs.

No artificial flavourants, no colourants and no preservatives. Enriched with calcium, vitamins and minerals to help control tartar for clean, healthy teeth. 

Oven Baked and Proudly South African.


Ground wheat, processed animal protein, wheat flour, vegetable oil, non-lauric non-sucrose coating, teeth cleaning agents, salt, minerals, vitamins and approved antioxidants.

Nutritional Analysis per Kilogram of Biscuits:

Crude Protein 160 g (min)

Moisture 100 g (max)

Crude Fat 100 g (min)

Crude Fibre 35 g (max)

Vitamin A 6000 iu

Vitamin B Complex 1.48 mg

Vitamin C 50 mg

Vitamin E 69 iu

Calcium 15 g (max)

Magnesium 0.5 g

Phosphorous 8 g (min)

Zinc 30 mg

Iron 60 mg

Selenium 0.5 mg

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