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Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions Chew Stopper

Simple Solutions Chew Stopper

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The Simple Solution Chew Stopper is a safe and effective way to prevent pets from damaging items at home.

It is excellent for house training pups and for discouraging them from licking, chewing or biting your furniture, shoes, drapes, rugs, plants and wooden fixtures. It can also be used to discourage chewing and licking of bandages or stitches.


Has a strong, bitter-tasting formula that can be applied to any surface that needs protecting

Safe for pets and furniture

Handy trigger action spray makes it easy to apply

Can be applied regularly and liberally

Grapeseed extract: Grapeseed and lemon extract are both bittering agents and are specifically combined to produce a very bitter taste.

Lemon extract: The combination of these ingredients provides for an extremely unpleasant taste which deters dogs from chewing or nibbling.

Lavender oil: Oil of lavender has a calming effect to help relax younger dogs that may be excitable and prone to chewing.


Spray onto the surface/bandage where the unwanted chewing, biting or licking might occur

Do not spray directly into eyes or onto open wounds

For external use only

Please note: It is recommended that you test on a small surface area first for colourfastness

Money Back Guarantee

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