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    Smart Cat

    Smart Cat All Natural Cat Litter


    Out Clumps Clay, Every Day!

    NEW SmartCat All Natural Litter

    This multi-cat formula is not only all natural but designed to make everything easier! Easier to carry, easier to scoop and easier to clean.

    On top of that we are made from 100% USA farmed grasses, with no chemicals or fragrances.

    SmartCat All Natural Cat litter is biodegrade and a renewable resource. Our litter is soft on paws and safe for younger cats.

    SmartCat All Natural Litter clumps so fast and hard that odors don’t have a chance to escape. We don’t add any fragrances or perfumes to our litter that can be offensive to your cats.

    SmartCat All Natural Litter is 99% dust free. With virtually no dust, SmartCat Natural Litter provides a healthier cleaner litter box environment for all members of the household.   

    Money Back Guarantee