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TKM Chilled and Chewy Freezable Toy Ball

TKM Chilled and Chewy Freezable Toy Ball

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Takamisu is excited to introduce our latest toy, the Chilled & Chewy Freezable Toy Ball for the active and outdoor-loving South African dog. This range of toys is made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR), TPR is absolutely safe for dogs because the material is non-toxic, lead, BPA, and phthalate chemicals-free which can be disastrous to any animal or child as well. TPR has been around since the 1970s and has reshaped the pet toy industry. What makes this man-made material so special, is that it is flexible and elastic like rubber, and, best of all, TPR is fully recyclable. This is why it has become the safe material of choice for dog toys and baby mats as well as many medical applications. 

After a few hours of freezing, the frozen Takamisu's Chilled & Chewy Freezable Toy Ball has a suitable low temperature to keep your dog cool in the summer heat. The freezable design let your dog enjoy the coolness when feeling hot to play. No need to inject water, no need to worry about the water mess after the ice melts as everything's built-in! 

Get one now and test it for yourself. 

Available sizes: 6.7 x 6.7 x 6cm

Available colours: Plum and Lime

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